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Discover the ease and convenience of renting a Tesla in Los Angeles with Teslys.

We're revolutionizing car rentals by offering top-of-the-line Tesla models. Experience enjoyable and sustainable journeys.

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At Teslys, we're committed to industrial craftsmanship and responsible growth.

Our CEO, Walter Cueva, has crafted a vision for sustainable urban mobility, making eco-friendly car rentals a viable option in California.

Tesla Rentals Made Easy

Renting a Tesla in Los Angeles has never been more straight forward and affordable, thanks to Teslys. Let's electrify LA together!

Choose from a variety of Tesla models including the Model X, Model Y, Model 3, Model S, and the innovative Cybertruck, all available at competitive rates and with hassle-free booking.

Experience the future of travel in bustling cities like Los Angeles, where we're dedicated to reducing pollution and enhancing your travel experience with our fleet of electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my Tesla rental booking? When you rent a Tesla car from us, specially California, you can be sure you're getting a complete package. Our electric cars rentals in the USA come fully loaded with all the necessary amenities and accessories to make your journey perfect. Our electric car for hire comes charged no less than 70% (charger cables are available upon request), 24/7 roadside assistance, and access to premium navigation services with detailed maps of charging stations. What models of Teslas rentals do you carry? All four models. The spacious Tesla Model X rentals seat 6. The Model Y seats 6. The Tesla Model 3 is an affordable choice. There are two Tesla Model 3 rentals available: the Model 3 Long Range and the Model 3 Standard. Moreover we have the beast called Tesla Cyber Truck.
There are variations of each model so be sure to check out our reservation system to get the exact specs of the Tesla’s available for rent near you.
How can I check to see if there are any Tesla car rentals near me? Use the Book Now to rent a Tesla near you. Select your desired dates and search for the one that best suits your needs. Is Tesla rental available in every city? Yes! Our service is designed to make it easy to rent a Tesla near you and wherever you go. We offer Tesla Model X rentals, Model S, Model Y, and Model 3 rentals in all major cities across the US, including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, and more. I'm a new EV driver. Do you have any tips for beginners? It’s exciting to drive a Tesla for the first time. Our 2-minute check-in electric car rental guide prepares you to get in the driver’s seat and on the road. We also offer in-depth information on our electric car rentals if you need further guidance. Will the Tesla I hire come fully charged? We are in the business of making EV rentals easy. All of our rentals come charged up and ready to go. If ordered delivery, we will use as little charge as possible during transport. Our rental packages include maps of charging stations near you so you can charge your Tesla rental when needed. Do I need to return the car fully charged? No, and there are no penalties or hidden charging fees. We only ask that you return the car with at least a 30% charge. How long will it take to charge my electric car rental? It depends on the Model and the charger level. There are 3 levels of electric vehicle charging. Level 1 charging with a standard 120V household plug will take over 24 hours to go from depleted to full.
Most people use level 2 chargers. Level 2 chargers are commonly found at non-Tesla charging stations. It can take hours to charge up your car with a Level 2 charger. Tesla Superchargers are Level 3 chargers. These can add 200 miles of range to your EV rental in 15 minutes.
How old are your electric cars for hire? Most of the Tesla’s in our network are less than 3 years old. Every Tesla in our fleet is new, and we regularly acquire new vehicles. Do I have to make a deposit to rent a Tesla? Yes. All of our Tesla rent-a-cars require a deposit to cover any vehicle damage that may occur during the rental period. A hold is placed on your card for the deposit and returned after your rental is returned and inspected. Can I rent a Tesla for a day? Of course! Renting a Tesla for a day is a great way to test drive Tesla or use it for an epic night on the town. If you need to prolong your rental, we can help you modify your booking. Do rental Teslas have autopilot? All EV rental models come with autopilot, allowing you to cruise hands-free on the highway. In addition, vehicles come with Autosteer and Adaptive Aware Cruise Control as standard features. Do I need insurance to rent a Tesla? You can use your own insurance policy or buy coverage with us. Either way, we've got you covered! Can I rent a tesla car? Yes, you can rent a Tesla car from several rental companies that offer electric vehicle options. Many car rental services now include Tesla models in their fleets due to the increasing popularity and demand for electric vehicles. You can check with local rental agencies or use online platforms that specialize in renting out electric and luxury vehicles to find a Tesla available for rental in your area.